Just developed and released a Bilingual French Classics app, as a convergence of my passions for language, AI and mobile, to kill the pain I was having while learning French one hour a day for about two years. The app offers a fun, addictive and effective way to learn French, by letting you read timeless French classics in the bilingual format to keep you in the flow. Improving your vocabulary significantly and naturally this way can work magic to your other language skills, including watching the French captions of your favorite Netflix movies or TV series.

The app’s NLP-powered text analysis lets you see each of the 7000+ word’s frequency - maybe you want to learn words most frequently used first, or maybe you love spelling bee and want to do the opposite. Also, the fuzzy text search in the app allows you to see how any tricky word is used in the context, or find that word that spells like this and this.

This is just a first step. Future semantic analysis and human-like understanding of the classics will let you, while reading those timeless classics, feel like talking to a great teacher or friend who truly understands.