I fell in love with AI more than two decades ago, and worked on TRANSTAR, the first commercialized and most sucessful English-Chinese machine translation system at the time after getting my master’s degree in AI. Then the AI winter came and reality hit. I spent most of the following years on building and leading teams to develop enterprise apps, web apps, and mobile apps, applying AI technologies such as ML and NLP now and then, and also worked a few years on speech recognition and voice apps, till 2015 when I reconnected with AI via deep learning. After a lot of study in the evenings and on weekends, I decided in September 2016 to fully embark on my AI journey and be totally committed to it for the next decade at least. Still crazy after all these years seems to be the right song. Maybe I’ll indeed do some damage one fine day.

This blog is about my long and exciting journey ahead, starting with my first goal of building the cutting-edge AI solutions on mobile, towards my long-term goal of building true AI systems with human-like natural language understanding and common sense, which is one of the most important and challenging questions facing AI, perfect for someone who’s a little crazy and has a slight disdain for the impossible to dedicate himself to.

The word “labby” in the domain name ailabby.com comes from my Labrador Retriever born in May 2015 when I reconnected with AI. I hope AI systems will be as sweet and swift as my Labby, but with human language capability. ailabby also means ai lab and beyond: my ultimate goal is to build science-based engineering systems with true human-like intelligence.